Partners in Caregiving in Assisted Living (PICAL)

CITRA’s Partners in Caregiving in Assisted Living (PICAL) Program is an abbreviated version of its Partners in Caregiving (PIC) Program, which was developed for nursing homes. Instead, PICAL addresses the unique communication challenges that assisted living staff and families face to improve the quality of care for assisted living residents. Similar to PIC, PICAL is based on an empowerment approach where assisted living staff and families are viewed as partners in residents’ care. Mutual respect and caring form the basis of this partnership – families bring their knowledge of their relatives and staff bring their technical expertise in providing care.

Goals & Objectives of the Program

The main goal of PICAL is enhance communication between assisted living staff and families so that they can work together to care for residents. Family-staff relationships can sometimes be strained and conflictual rather than cooperative in assisted living communities, leading to a reduction in family involvement in residents’ care. PICAL aims to encourage and support involvement of families in the lives of residents, which research suggests is critical to residents’ quality of life.

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