Take Charge of Your Pain (TCYP)

TCYP was developed by CITRA’s affiliate, the Translational Research Institute for Pain in Later Life, in collaboration with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY). TCYP is a cognitive-behavioral pain self-management program for older adults receiving home health care, usually after an illness, injury, or surgery. The program should be run by care providers (e.g., occupational or physical therapists, exercise physiologists, nurses, etc.) with the intent of teaching older patients skills that will help them address acute or chronic pain and assume more active lifestyles.   

Goals & Objectives of the Program

Following a hospitalization, illness, or injury, it is common for patients to struggle with pain and become sedentary or inactive. The goal of the TCYP Program is to educate patients on non-drug pain control therapies and encourage them to utilize different techniques to successfully manage their pain and stay active.

Structure of the Program

TCYP is divided into five sessions that help patients learn non-drug therapies for pain management, covering topics like pain theory, active lifestyles, relaxation, activity pacing, sleep tips, and managing flare-ups. TCYP should be customized for individual patients, and it can be run in either one or multiple visits.

Benefits of the Program

TCYP participants learn coping skills and activation strategies, such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and imagery, to help increase their sense of control over their pain. Patients are also encouraged to gradually increase activities that they have been avoiding due to fear of pain. This helps to reduce their recovery time and improve their quality of life and social engagement with their communities.

Planning & Implementing the Program

TRIPLL created a manual for care providers to conduct the TCYP Program with their own patients. The manual provides an overview of the goals and activities of the program and describes all the exercises in detail. TRIPLL also created a patient booklet with background information on pain, self-management tips and techniques, and a daily activity planner. TCYP should be run by care providers, such as occupational or physical therapists, exercise physiologists, or nurses, who have familiarity with chronic pain management.

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